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We are a startup in the maritime recruiting industry.
We are a startup in the maritime recruiting industry.
No outlook, php, kickidler or anything like that...
We are building a global HR platform in the maritime industry. Every seafarer is our potential client and every ship you see will need to know about us. Millions of seafarers around the world, hundreds of thousands of ships - and that' s our potential customer base.
Seas, oceans
Python Backend Developer
Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full-time, remote work
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Свободная вакансия
Ships have carried humanity to the most distant lands. Someday ships will carry us to other planets. I began making Krew Guru the moment I realized that the right people on ships are the key to humanity's survival. Krew Guru is, first of all, a way to make sure that the best ship owners in the world can reach the best people.
Kirill Kurochkin
Krew Guru gave me freedom. Freedom to choose the people I want to work with, freedom in where I stay, and most importantly, freedom to pursue my ideas. When I imagined the ideal place to work, I unknowingly thought of Krew.
Anna Eremina
The opportunity to create a new product that will completely change the seafarer recruitment market is what motivates me to participate in the development of Krew Guru. Here I can apply all my accumulated experience and make a real difference. To assemble an effective development team that will develop and support the project like this. It's important to me to be a part of a team that works without "corporate values" and other bullshit and yet does 10 times more.
Vladimir Krasnov
We are creating a unique tool that will change the market for hiring and managing personnel in one of the largest international industries - maritime transportation. We have a unique set of first-class specialists, deep understanding of the market, and partners from leading ship-owning companies in our team. To work on such a product is to leave a mark on the world's history and economy.
Ed Mirchev
Насмотрелся кремниевой долины и решил на своей шкуре ощутить дух стартапа. Я верю, что с такой профессиональной и веселой командой мы сможем добиться успеха и завоевать рынок. А еще конечно же удаленка, куда же без нее.
Andrew Kulikov
A great team, independence from an office, an interesting undeveloped industry, a absence of "corporate ethics" and so on - that's what I appreciate most about Krew. I am greatly motivated by the professionals we have gathered at the startup.
Nick Polkovnikov
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