Markedly increase your chances to find the right job for you, with less time spent searching and reviewing.

Online recruiting platform
for maritime personnel

Our principles
Online recruiting platform
for maritime personnel
We plan to change the way crewing industry works.
Hypothesis-testing mind-set
We don't have long disputes about ideas. We just test them all.
Global focus
The idea is to have seamen from all over the world on one platform.
Fast decision making
Our goal is to make rapid smart decisions that brings forward the best possible outcome.
Our services
Ecosystem of services for maritime industry
The easiest way to highlight yourself in a recruiter's inbox. A free of cost process made to enable you to create a CV that is exactly what the recruiters are looking for.
Creating CV for maritime personnel
Not sure about the COVID situation at your desired location, are some of the ports restricting access? Check our map, It is updated by real seafarers on a daily basis.
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