It is because 82% of their time is exhausted working with thousands of low-quality resumes that do not promise any return.
*Based on our research of 34 crewing companies from Ukraine, Russia, and the Philippines.
Why is it difficult for Crewing agencies to earn more?
Crewing agencies are stuck checking hundreds of irrelevant resumes although, job requirements are clearly stated for the seafarers to determine if they qualify according to their experience, certifications, and documents.
Agencies are actively looking for a suitable candidate for an urgent position. However, delays are inevitable as they are contacting numerous seafarers due to the outdated information available.
Checking credentials is a time-consuming process that agencies need to do in detail, as many documents and certificates received are fake.
A Flood of emails after a vacancy opens leads to hundreds of unread emails, with resumes from seafarers that agencies do not have time to check.
What is the problem?
We help crewing agencies work less and earn more.

Krew Guru is an efficient hiring system for merchant marine personnel.
Krew Guru is here to ensure that you are free from the tedious work of going through hundreds of emails and CVs.
How it works?
We aim to provide a top-tier pool of candidates for the job vacancies. All that's left to do is select the right candidate from the list provided.
The data Krew Guru has not yet examined or is considered old is automatically removed from our search.
When you search for candidates in our database, you will see only high-quality, up-to-date profiles with authenticated documentation.
There is an option available to customize the job vacancies by experience, ship type, language, nationality, location, DWT, engine type, rank, certificates, visas, and more.
You can post job openings, while Krew Guru will automatically filter out the top candidates that meet all requirements for the job.
Krew Guru constantly interacts with seafarers to keep all relevant information updated including, current location, availability to go to sea and, what certificates and visas they have received.
Any document found fake or forged by seafarers will be identified by Krew Guru and, we will take strict action to remove the seafarer from ever returning to our server.
What else does
Krew Guru have to offer?
Crewing agencies can ask seafarers to list past employers and their contacts to make it easier for you to gather references while they respond to your job posting.
We have made it convenient for you to get any information required on seafarer backgrounds!
Thanks to our partnership with C-Teleport, Crewing agencies can purchase air tickets at special fares to get the seafarers to the ship and back home. It's easy to do, and you'll be able to find out the price while you're still reviewing resumes!
Buy cheap transfer tickets in one click!
Crewing agencies can select the candidate they think are most suitable for their vacancy, and Krew Guru will provide experienced staff to conduct interviews with the selected candidates. They will test all necessary skills required for the job such, as technical and language skills. The interviews will be then be uploaded by Krew Guru in video format on the agency's account for review.
Interviewing for you!
Create a streamlined crewing process
Create a streamlined crewing process
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