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Krew Guru seed-round proposition
Two Things You Should Know About Seaman
So there is a problem:
2. Seaman works in short-term contracts – 4-10 months. So employers have to fill every position at least twice a year.
1. Seamen is a "universal unit". They get the same education across the globe. Any position on any ship can be filled with a seaman from any country, but with the correspondent certificates. Employers want to have access to a global supply of seafarers.
Employers want to have access to the global supply of seafarers and that will never be enough for them.
How It Works Now
It's expensive. It's unpredictable. It's obsolete. It's ripe for disruption.
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The Solution
Global reach
We plan to have every seaman on the planet on board;

Specific matching for every employer's need
Employers can specify the vacancy down to every certificate they need seamen to have;
Krew Guru is a global maritime recruiting platform
• Fundamental cost-cutting recruitment process.
Only the seamen employer needs it at the time when he needs them, without burning tons of man-hours.
The Market
In merchant fleet industry employer pays ~$250 (~$100 for a rating and up to $600 for an officer) per month for every seamen crewing agency put onboard the ship, while this seaman is onboard. Thats $250 times the 2 million positions. That's $6 billion market.

In cruise fleet industry there are not just professional seafarer positions, but there are hospitality, retail and entertainment staff. The principle is the same to the merchant fleet but median is $150 per head. That's $150 times the 1.1 million positions.That's $2 billion market

Nobody knows how many there are people on board private yachts. Supposedly, there are at least 2 million positions, but the market is not standardized and there are no decent researches. That's uncharted territory but it can't be lesser the $1 billion(?).
The Сompetitors
The Goal
*and also, we want to have CV and contact data of every seaman on the planet
We plan to become THE default tool for finding a job onboard or filling the position onboard
Strategy Advisors
The Deal We Offer
We are raising $2m for 20% of the company
We are the best in a seaman acquisition. We get them less than $1 each. But 60% of vacancies on our platform have less than 3 replies, so we need another million more seamen
We suffer from costs of contacting seamen who are aboard the ships. We need mobile app to cut our comunnications costs and greatly increase retention capabilites
We need the best people on board our team whom we can not hire right now.
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Founder and CEO
Kirill Kurochkin