KrewGuru — maritime recruiting platform
Disrupting maritime manning industry
Krew Guru seed-round proposition
You have the ability to hire seamen from any country in the same position because of the universal certification system. But you just don't have a tool for direct communication with the seamen
You can work anywhere and there are hundreds of positions available to you. But you never know which exact crewing have them. So you spend hours of filing out all the application forms with the same info.
The problem
If you own or operate ships - you can't hire seamen without a middleman
If you a seaman - you can't find a job without filing out two dozen application forms on different crewing websites
How it works now
It's expensive. It's unpredictable. It's obsolete. It's ripe for disruption.
The product
Global reach. We will have everyone aboard

Seamen friendly. You create your CV one time and apply to dozens of vacancies of different employers

Adaptable for employer's demand. You need a seaman specific down to the certification and ship type experience? We have them.
Krew Guru - global maritime recruiting platform
The market
In merchant fleet industry employer pays ~$250 (~$100 for a rating and up to $600 for an officer) per month for every seamen crewing agency put onboard the ship, while this seaman is onboard. Thats $250 times the 2 million positions. That's $6 billion market.

In cruise fleet industry there are not just professional seafarer positions, but there are hospitality, retail and entertainment staff. The principle is the same to the merchant fleet but median is $150 per head. That's $150 times the 1.1 million positions.That's $2 billion market

Nobody knows how many there are people on board private yachts. Supposedly, there are at least 2 million positions, but the market is not standardized and there are no decent researches. That's uncharted territory but it can't be lesser the $1 billion(?).
The competitors
The goal
100% brand recognition in our specific industry. That's what we're after.
*and also, we want to have CV and contact data of every seaman on the planet
At least we plan to become THE default tool for finding a job onboard or filling the position onboard
Our traction since pre seed at April 15, 2021
We had zero revenue when we raised pre-seed. Now we have more than 20 companies piloting our service, and we already have our first revenue, even though we started selling at the end of October 2021.
We had only the prototypes when we raised pre-seed. Now we are past 10 major releases of our product and dozens of hypotheses tested already.
We had zero seamen when we raised pre-seed. Now we have more than 150k+ seamen on our platform, and we can acquire them for $2 or less.
We are raising $300k CLA investment
That's a $50mln per annum / $4.1mln per month revenue given current market (x10 revenues valuation)

That's a ~100k vacancies posted per month or ~15% of total market. We plan to do a lot better.

• $500mln valuation gives you at least x25 profit on this investment
Our plan is to make at least $500mln exit at 2026.
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Founder and CEO
Kirill Kurochkin