The advanced manning platform for ship management companies automates the recruitment of seafarers from all over the world.
Hire seamen directly
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Twelve features that will make your manning better and more effective
Hiring is about consistency
Your HR crew gets semi-automated tracking of hiring steps based on the seafarer's citizenship, fleet type, and documents.
Considering all conventions and organizations
The platform considers all restrictions and requirements provided by different maritime unions, laborers, and conventions for the seafarer you're about to hire.
Hiring is simple
Now you don't need to have an HR team of highly experienced crewing officers. Most of the tasks may be completed by a regular office employee.
Documents verification is no longer a problem
In the case of flag jurisdiction, seafarers' citizenships your crewing officer gets all necessary instructions on where and how to verify the document or do it automatically online.
Book flights and hotels for seafarers within the platform
As a particular step of the hiring process, you'll get maritime tickets and hotel offers. Book them on the platform directly with the best prices and no paperwork.
Compare seafarers by overall transfer costs in one window
Get a quick check of the transfer prices for any seafarer in the world in one second. Compare different options and then make a decision.
Search for seamen around the globe
Limitless possibilities to find the right specialist you need for your vessel. Flexible filters can help you find seamen with specific certificates, sea service experience, endorsements, and visas.
Get responses with no SPAM
Publish vacancies with specific requirements. Only seafarers who meet all your demands can apply. Save your time in searching through tons of irrelevant resumes.
140'000+ seafarers waiting for you
Thousands of seafarers from all over the world created CVs on the Krew Guru service and are looking for a job. Get full access to this Database as a part of the Platform.
Transfer your CV base to Krew Guru to keep it all in one place
Do you have your own semen database in Excel or Crew Inspector? Add into your private space to the Krew Guru. We will take care of the rest - will remind seafarers about expired documents and missing information, so you get only up-to-date information.
Easy approval prosses for the Superintendents
Approving candidates have never been easier! HRs can form a group of seafarers and send it to the Tech & Marine Superintendents to get their approval, all the notes and information will be there.
Adaptable to your needs
Hiring Sequences or any other parts on the Platform may be changed based on your needs and business processes.
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Save time and money
Enhance your team
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