More than 500 vacancies for seamen
Best vacancies for seamen
300+ Vacancies
5 months
Conctract duraction:
End of January 2022
Maritime Int.
Odessa crewing
Third officer
Early November 2021
Conctract duraction:
5 months
Jobs ltd.
End of December 2021
Conctract duraction:
5 months
About KrewGuru
We are an online service helping seafarers find job placements in the right fields. Currently, our services primarily involve building engaging CVs with the aim of expanding ourselves as a job placement platform and much more!
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ship in ocean
ship in ocean
ship in ocean
Leading crewing companies hiring the best seafarers through Krew Guru
Create and share your new resume on Krew Guru using our CV builder, which is very popular with crewing agents worldwide.
Unique CV Builder
We can independently promote your resume among ship-owners and crewing companies to find you a new job opportunity towards the end of your current job.
Easy CV sharing
No hidden fees or extra costs for seafarers. You can send your CV to crewing companies, use the resume builder or the feedback service - all for free.
Free for seafarers
Why Krew Guru
We guarantee that your data is safe and secure when you apply for a job or create a CV on Krew Guru. We make sure that phone numbers, document scans, and other personal data are only available to trustworthy companies with your consensus.
Your data is safe and secure
Data Security
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