Assessment for Seafarers
Get skill validation on your resume from top-notch professionals from leading maritime companies
What will you get?
  • Recorded video interview attached to your resume
  • Report on the outcome of the interview with a skills evaluation
  • Highlighted CV that employers will pay more attention to
CVs with assessments are reviewed 7 times more often
Why does a seaman need the assessment?
With assessment
+ Employers will immediately see your soft skills
+ Employers will see your verified language level
+ Your skills will be confirmed by the leading experts in the industry
+ Your CV on Krew Guru will be 7 times more noticeable thanks to certification
+ Employers will pay special attention to your candidacy

Bottom line: the chances of getting a job with the best shipping companies are increasing. You'll stand out from the rest of the candidates
Without assessment
- You will spend a lot of time confirming your qualifications to each employer
- Your resume will get lost among many others. It will be hard for you to stand out
- You will have to go through the identical interviews, proving your language skills, qualifications, and soft skills

Bottom line: your resume won't stand out much from the crowd
How does it work?
Submit a request
Submit an application for an assessment
Get a selected expert
We will select an expert to match your maritime profile
Complete the interview
The expert will interview you at your convenient time
Obtain the results
The results of the interview will become visible in your resume on Krew Guru
Finally - get the job you desirve!
You will get an advantage in the hiring process. Your resume will be viewed 7 times more often!
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